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Welcome to PRCO America, INC.

We create specialized high temperature refractories for commercial industry and industrial applications.

PRCO America, Inc. is a state of the art, modern manufacturing facility for high quality refractories. PRCO is a full line supplier of shaped and unshaped refractories for the high temperature industry markets. Our greater focus is on creating outstanding technologies which support electric arc furnaces, ladle metallurgy furnaces, vacuum tank degassers, slide gate systems, ladle stirring, ladle insulation, continuous casting, basic oxygen furnaces and RH degassing.

Mayfield, KY plant


  • Refining Ladle (LMF, VAD, VTD)
  • RH/DH Degasser Technologies
  • Electric Arc Furnaces
  • Tundish
  • Continuous Casting
  • Petro Chemistry
  • Foundry Industries
  • Industrial Heating Furnaces
  • Copper Industry


PRCO America is a Refractories Group Co. Ltd., which has full refractory production lines. As one of the largest refractory suppliers globally, PRCO America’s products have been specially crafted for the iron and steel industry, aluminum/copper  industry, petro-chemical industry, power industry, cement/lime industry and newly emerging markets.


We are a full line supplier for all applications such as coke production, ironmaking, steelmaking, steel finishing, non-ferrous smelting and refining (aluminum, copper, nickel and other metals), foundry, glass, lime and cement, energy systems, incineration as well including items such as pizza ovens and crematorium linings.

Basically, if your interests align with high temperature systems, materials or productions we can help.

We cast high temperature specialized refractories for your business!

Our reputation has been built on perfectly done projects with strong technical support after the sale, and customer satisfaction guaranteed! 

That’s the PRCO America pledge!

Here are a few examples of commercial industries which, we create high quality products and turnkey projects.

  • Refining Ladle (LMF, VAD, and VTD)
  • EAF
  • BOF
  • RH Degasser
  • Tundish
  • Continuous casting
  • Cement/Lime/Glass industry
  • Industry furnaces
  • Petro-chemistry

We Understand the complexity of our clients needs.

PRCO America is an international high-tech enterprise with years of research and development. We have become a leading refractory supplier globally with production, engineering, design services.  PRCO America is ready to assist your business with high quality refractory products and turnkey solutions.

Refining Ladle
RH/DH degassers
Continuous Casting
Coke Ovens
Blast Furnaces
Hot Blast Stoves
Copper Industry
Foundry Industry
Industrial/Heating Furnaces
Aluminum Industry
Cement/Lime Industry

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