PRCO-America, Ltd. Address-3

Sales Territories:

PRCO-America’s headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, PA
Address: 8150 Perry Hwy, Ste 210, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Contact Information:
Tel: 412-837-2798
Fax: 412-837-2940

1.Middle-West United States: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arkansas, Tennessee, etc.
Regional Sales Manager: Bill Marvel
Contact Information:
Cell: 219-781-2776
Fax: 412-837-2940

2.East United States and Canada: Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Ontario, etc.
Regional Sales Manager: Jim Gajewski
Contact Information:
Cell: 412-841-0626
Fax: 412-837-2940

3.Middle-East United States: Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, etc.
Regional sales manager: Jim McMillan
Contact information:
Cell: 859-912-3041

4.South United States, Mexico and South America: Texas, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela,  Argentina, Chile, Peru, etc.
Regional Sales Manager: Raul Gutierrez
Contact Information:
Cell: +52 1 (81) 8010 6480 or +52 1 (81)8029 4796
Fax: +1- 412-837-2940
Email:  or


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